Our story began with ‘o nonn (the grandfather) Salvatore whose mission was to bring some happiness to Neapolitans during the wartime.
He started experimenting with new recipes for nougats, candies and chocolate in his confectionery workshop in Naples in 1940s.
The experience and the immense passion for the confectionery sector was inherited by his nephew Vincenzo Varriale that in 1979 founded Papillon Srl with his wife Teresa.

In the first years, the business was focused on setting up the Cash & Carry in Frattamaggiore (NA) selling the best brands in confectionery.

In 1980 the first brand of the company was born: Papillon Caramelle a colorful line of gummy candies, marshmallows and lollipops distributed all over Italy.

In the early 2000s Giuseppe and Rossella, the children of Vincenzo and Teresa, take actively part into the company life and keep the family tradition alive with great attention to innovation and a spirit of constant renewal.
In 2009 the premium line Perle di Sole was created with the aim to take the flavors of the Mediterranean all over the world, while expressing the excellence of Made in Italy.

In the last 10 years with Perle di Sole products the company has conquered many foreign markets thanks to the high quality standards and the use of simple ingredients appreciated by customers of every nationality.

In 2014 Papillon creates Zucchero an innovative line in terms of design, flavors and style: the candy boutique for the travel retail.
Zucchero® stores offer a unique shopping experience creating a strong emotional and sensory appeal for the customer.